About Me

Neil Anderson and Photography.
I am a Hampshire (UK) based photographer and have many interest/hobbies, but over the past 5 years digital photography has been taking been taking up most of my free time. I guess that with advancements in technology, have made photography fare more flexible, not only in the camera but also in the advancement of specialised software.
My interests in photography are not just in what images I can capture with the camera, although that is the main starting point, but also what can be achieved with the use of editing software. Combined they are a powerful modern art form that will allow me to capture a scene, whether portrait, landscape, wildlife, etc, and enhance the image to bring out all the detail and colour where necessary. As someone recently said to me “You are showing me things in your pictures I have never seen before”.
The pictures you have taken don’t have to stop at just being a copy of a scene; you can go as far as your imagination will allow you as long as your intention is not to deliberately mislead.
I am not a professional, just a very keen amateur, but if you like any of my pictures and you would like to make me an offer, I doubt that I will refuse it.
I have over the years tried different painting techniques, watercolour, line drawing, acrylics, but could never get the level of detail I wanted in my paintings, the level of detail that I have now found I can achieve in photography.
I have tried and enjoy all kinds of photography, wildlife, candid, portraiture, macro and still life. Landscapes always seemed so difficult, to capture what you the photographer sees and feels about a view in one picture. The smell, the freshness, the light, the calm…

Latest Project

About a year ago I started manually stitching images together and was amazed at the detail I could get by combining multiple photos not as a montage but as a single image. I do not just mean a horizontal panoramic shot but combining both horizontal and vertical shots to produce a very detailed picture, the kind of picture I would imagine you can get from a medium format camera with a wide angle lens, but without the cost.
Stitching photos manually became almost impossible since buying a full sensor camera, I am not sure why but I guess that it is something to do with distortions on the edge of the lens, which did not seem so pronounced on a sensor with a 1.6 crop factor.
After some research I purchased a photo stitching/HDR program called PTGui Pro, a very powerful program that I have not yet used to its full potential for both HDR and stitching shots but am very pleased with the results.
My aim at the moment is to create pictures of a landscape, buildings or general scenes that capture the “essence” of a place.

Emailing Me

There are a lot of problems these days with emails not getting through due to personal spam settings, black listings, etc. Did you know that about 40% of all emails sent do not reach their final destination; they get lost in the system somewhere.
If you choose to contact me by email, I will acknowledge all emails sent to me. Please assume that if I have not acknowledged your email then I have not received it, send it again.
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